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What types of material do we proofread?

We proofread most types of written material used in businesses or organisations including: Internal communications: employee newsletters, reference manuals and reports Marketing: brochures, customer magazines and newsletters, and white papers Online content: blogs, social media and web sites Presentations: speeches, slides and handouts Public relations: case studies, feature articles, interviews, news articles and press releases Sales […] more

Do we do anything else apart from proofreading?

We can write text for you, edit your existing text, advise on writing and communications and manage an entire project, if you require. more

Do we proofread academic texts?

At this time we cannot proofread academic texts, essays or theses. more

Who are our clients?

Our proofreaders have experience of checking text for many commercial and public sector organisations, including large UK retailers, international insurance companies, marketing companies, local authority education departments and small businesses See a sample of recent proofreading assignments by viewing our Proofreading Projects page. more

Do we have experience of proofreading web sites?

Yes, our proofreaders can check web sites on screen. more

What subject areas do we specialise in proofreading?

We proofread texts on most busines subjects. Where specialised knowledge is required which we do not have (eg medical terms), we will advise you and will work to find an associate proofreader who has suitable knowledge. For academic proofreading see other FAQs. more

What if your proofreading requirements change?

Because the brief is a set of precise instructions on which our quotation is based, we may need to re-quote if you alter your instructions after we have started. We try to be as flexible as possible, although need to charge for work we have already undertaken. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality […] more

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading ensures that spellings and grammar are correct and that a text reads well and makes sense. Editing can involve altering the structure of a text and rewriting parts or all of it. Sometimes it becomes clear early on that a text requires substantial editing and rewriting and we will tell you if this is […] more

What writing style do we recommend?

We proofread according to the style of writing you prefer. There are more styles of written English than ever before, with some writers preferring modern styles which depend less on accepted rules and others sticking rigidly to these rules. We do not say that either view is right or wrong, as change is crucial to […] more

What do we mark up on texts that we proofread?

Zarywacz proofreaders mark up: incorrect spelling and suggest the correct spelling incorrect grammar and suggest how to correct this typographical errors and omissions lack of sense and suggest amendments lack of consistency, eg where there are two possible spellings of a word and both are used. We suggest using one or the other numbering systems, […] more

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