What value does a professional proofreader give you?

When you spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on creating and printing brochures, magazines or web sites, it makes sense to invest in proofreading them to make sure that everything is correct.

Amazingly, high quality graphics, stunning photos and compelling headlines can all be pushed into the background by a single spelling mistake. It’s often the first thing a reader will notice.

What can a proofreader check?

Using a proofreader to check your publication or web site protects your marketing investment and ensures that readers do notice your graphics, your photos, your headlines.

A proofreader can not only check

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation

but also

  • page headers and footers
  • page numbers
  • headings

Other elements that can be proofread for consistency include

  • use of capital letters
  • names, titles and brands
  • colours, positioning and size of graphics
  • clickable web links

Don’t lose sales because of errors

It’s not only minor spelling mistakes that make people stop reading or put them off buying. If readers don’t understand text or find it confusing, they often give up and look elsewhere. If the purpose of your text is to sell, confusion could lose you sales.

A proofreader can make sure that your text does make sense and can highlight any passages that are unclear or confusing.

People can also be stopped from buying if prices and other facts are incorrect or an advertised day or date is wrong.

If required, a proofreader can check that Friday 30 July is correct and that the 30th day of July is not a Thursday or Saturday.

If you are staging an event and 1,000 people want to book tickets, think how many of that 1,000 would not phone you to check the incorrect date. How many would simply not book? How many ticket sales would you lose? How much would it cost you to produce and distribute corrected materials and answer unnecessary phone calls?

Depending on the brief, a proofreader can check

  • facts, figures and prices
  • postal and web addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • times, days and dates

Prevent problems before your deadline

Involving a proofreader early on can ensure you iron out any problems long before you get to the production stage. You’ll have less to worry about when pressure starts to build as your deadline approaches.

It’s better to flag and correct problems before you print your brochure or magazine rather than discover them when you’re looking at the printed version with 500, 1,000, 10,000 copies or more sitting in boxes, all with the same mistakes.

Develop a style guide to eliminate inconsistency

If you produce material regularly, a proofreader can fit in with your schedule easily. If you have a corporate writing style, they can ensure this is applied throughout your documents or web sites. If not, they can help you develop a style guide, making sure it covers points relevant to your material.

A style guide can be very effective for eliminating inconsistencies. If a copywriter is unsure of how a word should be written or a designer is uncertain about how visual elements should be applied, the style guide will provide the answer. It can iron out lots of minor problems which would add up to hundreds of corrections at a later stage. This is especially useful where different people work on documents so that the same errors do not re-appear when new staff produce material.

What does proofreading cost?

Proofreading will add a small amount to your overall production costs, but can increase the return on investment from your marketing by making it more effective.

Rather than quote you hourly rates, which mean nothing on their own, we can give you a final price so that you know the cost for each project before we start work on it.

Discuss your brief now

Whether you want to ensure that apostrophes are in the right places or need a catalogue checked for accurate prices, a proofreader can pick up errors and inconsistencies of every size, eliminating potential problems that you would have to deal with after publication.

To discuss how we can proofread your material, please call Robert or Simon Zarywacz on 0333 0444 354 or email .

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