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How we work

Do your freelance proofreaders cover my area?

We proofread for clients all across the UK, using broadband, email and telephone.

Usually, we proofread remotely, but where viable we can travel from our offices in Wiltshire and Devon to meet clients in most UK towns or cities.

Our proofreaders can travel to the following areas:

South East – London, Middlesex, Sussex, including Heathrow.

Midlands – Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, covering Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Worcester.

Thames Valley – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, covering Banbury, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Farnborough, Guildford, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Staines, Windsor, Wokingham.

South West – Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, covering Barnstaple, Bath, Bideford, Bristol, Exeter, Ilfracombe, Minehead, Penzance, Plymouth, Salisbury, Swindon, Taunton, Tiverton, Truro.

If we do not cover your area, we can proofread your text remotely or suggest an associate based near you.

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How do we contact you?

You can reach us easily:

  • by phone – call 0333 0444 354
  • by email – to 
  • by mail – write to Zarywacz, 11 Furse Hill Road, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 8HN
  • on social media – please connect with us by clicking on any of the social media icons (right or below)

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How do you approach proofreading projects?

We start by agreeing the brief to establish precisely what you want us to proofread and how you want us to do it. This will cover:

  • the content of the document or web site
  • the format of the text (eg newsletter article, report or web pages)
  • medium (eg word processing file, PDF file, hard-copy printout or online screens)
  • length of text (eg number of pages or words)
  • deadline
  • how you want us to check the text (eg your preferred style of writing)
  • how you want us to mark the text (eg write on a printed copy, annotate a document or amend a computer file)
  • how you want the marked-up material returned to you

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How do you proofread a project?

We complete the majority of our projects remotely, using broadband internet connections to communicate with clients by email.

Often we do not meet clients face-to-face due to distance or short timescales, although we build long-term relationships because clients are happy with our work.

We work from our own offices in Wilton, Wiltshire and Ilfracombe, Devon and can easily visit clients where this is viable for all involved. We can also work at your offices by arrangement.

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How so I send you my text for proofreading?

You can send us:

  • computer files by email, eg Word or other word processing files, Adobe Acrobat or other PDF files
  • hard-copy printouts by mail
  • Internet addresses of web sites you want us to read
  • Logins to access content management systems (CMSs)
  • Other formats by arrangement

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What about academic texts?

We specialise in proofreading business and commercial texts and do not proofread academic texts.

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What do you mark up on texts that you proofread?

Zarywacz proofreaders mark up:

  • incorrect spelling – we suggest the correct spelling
  • incorrect grammar – we suggest how to correct it
  • typographical errors and omissions
  • lack of sense – we suggest amendments to make text clearer
  • lack of consistency, eg where there are two possible spellings of a word and both are used in a text – we suggest using one or the other
  • numbering systems, eg page or section numbers
  • differences between a version of a document marked up for amendment and the version that has been amended – to ensure that all suggested changes have been made
  • branding and design inconsistencies – to ensure the presentation meets your corporate guidelines
  • web links – we check to make sure they work

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What if my proofreading requirements change?

Because the brief is a set of precise instructions on which we base our quotation, we may need to re-quote if you alter your instructions after we have started work.

We always try to be as flexible as possible, although need to charge for work we have already undertaken.

Our aim is to provide high quality proofreading at a competitive price at all times to give you excellent value.

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What services do you provide in addition to proofreading?

We can write text for you, edit your existing text, advise on writing and communications and manage an entire project, if you require.

See our full range of services at

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Who are your clients?

Our proofreaders have experience of checking text for many commercial and public sector organisations, including:

  • international insurance companies
  • holiday parks
  • large UK retailers
  • marketing agencies
  • small businesses
  • UK universities

See a sample of recent proofreading assignments by viewing our Proofreading Projects page.

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Your requirements

How do your proofreaders meet our requirements?

Can you meet our proofreading deadlines?

Deadlines are very important to us and we go to considerable lengths to make sure we get checked copy back to you in good time.

Ideally, we aim to schedule all projects so that the entire text is proofread and checked thoroughly with enough time left to make necessary amendments.

If you have an urgent deadline you need to meet, we do everything possible to proofread your text as best we can in the time available.

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Do you guarantee confidentiality?

We often proofread commercially sensitive or confidential material, such as content for a product launch with a publication embargo.

We guarantee to maintain confidentiality when proofreading such material and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.

We also shred any paper printouts with DIN 4 level shredders for security.

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Do you proofread web sites?

Yes, our proofreaders check web sites on screen, using browsers or through content management systems (CMSs).

We check spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as consistency of style, web site links, missing pages or other elements, and more.

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Do you specialise in proofreading any specific subjects?

We proofread texts on many business subjects, including:

  • human resources/personnel management
  • information technology (IT)
  • management and business processes
  • manufacturing and technical
  • marketing and sales
  • products and services

Where specialised knowledge is required which we do not have (eg medical terms), we will advise you and work to find an associate proofreader who has suitable knowledge.

We don not proofread academic texts.

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How do you charge for proofreading?

We always provide a quotation for you, so that you know the full cost of proofreading your project before we start. To prepare your quotation, please send us a sample page demonstrating the quality of writing so that we can estimate how much work is required.

Our charges are based on a combination of:

  • number of words
  • time needed to read and check your text
  • time needed for annotating text or making corrections in documents or online

Payment terms are 14 days by BACS transfer, PayPal or cheque.

We are VAT-registered and VAT is added to all prices.

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What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading ensures that spellings and grammar are correct and that text reads well and makes sense.

Editing can involve altering the structure of a text and rewriting parts or all of it.

Sometimes it becomes clear early on that a text requires substantial editing and rewriting instead of proofreading and we will tell you if this is the case as soon as possible.

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What types of material do you proofread?

We proofread most types of written material used in businesses or organisations including:

  • Internal communications: employee newsletters, reference manuals and reports
  • Marketing: brochures, customer magazines and newsletters, and white papers
  • Online content: blogs, social media and web sites
  • Presentations: speeches, slides and handouts
  • Public relations: case studies, feature articles, interviews, news articles and press releases
  • Sales documents: proposals, letters and tenders

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What writing style do you recommend?

We proofread according to the style of writing you prefer. There are more styles of written English than ever before, with some writers preferring a modern, up-to-date approach which is more informal and depends less on traditional rules, while others like to stick rigidly to those rules.

We do not say that either view is right or wrong, as change is crucial to the development of language.

Before we start, our proofreaders aim to familiarise themselves with the style you prefer and ensure that your text is marked up accordingly.

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Why should we have our text proofread?

When you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on a copywriter to write your text, hundreds or thousands more on a designer to create a beautiful brochure, document or web site, and even more on high quality printing, your investment will be wasted if the first thing readers spot is a mistake.

Proofreading is likely to increase your production costs by just several percent but will ensure that errors and mistakes do not cost you more.

Everyone makes mistakes when writing and typing, and it is almost impossible to check your own work.

A proofreader’s fresh pair of eyes will find any errors, mistakes or inconsistencies.

Isn’t it better for a proofreader to feed back comments that they can’t understand a text so that you can improve it, rather than you send out thousands of copies of an unchecked text to customers who won’t understand it?

Proofreading protects your investment in building and maintaining your reputation.

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Further questions

We’re happy to discuss your proofreading requirements with you and offer advice.

We aim to offer you a friendly and professional service and build long-term relationships with clients so that you know there are always reliable proofreaders on whom you can depend at the end of the phone or email.

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