Accuracy: a sign of professionalism

What is accuracy?

Accuracy is making sure that any important piece of information contained in your message is correct – every time it appears.

For example. a ‘fact check’ will establish that Friday 30 July is correct and that the 30th day of July is not a Thursday or Saturday.

Ensuring your key data is accurate helps to create a professional image. In turn, this can build people’s confidence in your products and services – and in your business.

Save time and hassle

Customers can be discouraged from buying if prices and other facts are incorrect, or an advertised day or date is wrong.

If you are staging an event and publish an incorrect date:

  • How many people will bother to seek clarification?
  • Who will answer all the unnecessary emails and phone calls?
  • How many people would simply not book?
  • How many potential ticket sales would you lose?

Protecting your investment

Launching a new web site or printing a new brochure or magazine can be a serious financial investment.

It’s not a good feeling to discover crucial mistakes when you’re looking at 10,000 printed – and paid for – copies sitting in boxes.

It makes sense to flag any factual errors and correct them before your web site goes live to the world or before you publish.

Accuracy and proofreading

Depending on the brief, our proofreaders can check:

  • facts, figures and prices
  • postal and web addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • times, days and dates.






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