z2z Proofreading Resources privacy notice

1. Who are we?

proofreadingresrources.co.uk is operated by:


11 Furse Hill Road
EX34 8HN

Tel: 01271 879100
Web: z2z.com

2. Personal data

We take your privacy very seriously.

We do not collect personal data, such as name or address, when you browse our web site.

2.1 Cookies

The proofreadingresrources.co.uk web site uses cookies to operate. We do not store or export any data from these cookies for any other use.

A cookie comprises information that is stored on your computer, phone or device when you view a web site. Cookies are used to make features of a web site work, to retain your browsing preferences so you don’t need to set these each time you visit and can be used to analyse how and why visitors use a web site.

proofreadingresrources.co.uk uses cookies to:

  • Operate features of the web site so you enjoy a satisfactory browsing experience.
  • Analyse how the web site is used through Google Analytics, so we know which search terms are being used to find us.
  • When you wish to share a page or item on social media networks and services, including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

2.2 Contact

When you contact us, we will use your personal data in relation to the purpose of your communication. We will seek your consent if we wish to retain your personal information to contact you in the future.

3. Data retention

We do not store personal data on this web site and review any data you provide, eg by email, within 24 months to determine whether we need to retain it. We retain any personal data required by statutory authorities such as HMRC for the purpose of financial reporting or other processes required by law.






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