Spelling: getting it right when you write

What is spelling?

Spelling helps us to use the right words that match our meaning.

If the letters are in the wrong order or if wrong letters are included, we could write or speak a completely different word to the one we intended.

This could confuse or mislead our audience.

Good spelling = good impression

Spelling mistakes tend to jump off the screen or page.

Most errors are simple ‘typos’ that are annoying rather than harmful, yet people can pay great attention to them.

They may judge the writer as unprofessional and slapdash.

Is this some kind of joke?

Misprints can be (unintentionally) amusing and people will gleefully point them out to others, drawing attention away from the key message of the text.

If the message is important, eg safety instructions or emergency procedures, this could prevent people from treating the information seriously and taking the correct course of action.

Not so funny.

Spell checking v proofreading

We have all slipped up and made basic spelling errors – we’re only human.

For example, it’s easy to write ‘form’ instead of ‘from’. Same letters, different word.

These minor slips won’t necessarily be picked up by a computer spell checker.

That’s why it’s important for a proofreader to check your text and ensure all spelling errors are corrected before your customers – and potential customers – notice them.






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